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About Jewish "Conversion"

 (quote from the Lemann Brothers)

You have heard it said that an honorable man should not change his religion...But this maxim is as false as it is cruel, and, with respect to a Jew who wishes to become Catholic, doubly false.  It is  false a first time because for him as for all who stray and then return, there is honor rather than dishonor in abandoning error to return to the Truth.  It is false a second time, shamefully false, because a Jew in becoming Catholic does not change his religion, but fulfils his religion, completes it, crowns it.  The Jew become Catholic is the religious man par excellence,  who has grown into his fullness, as the seed grows into the flower...  The religion was initially patriarchal, that is, identified with the family of the Patriarchs; then it was enlarged into a chosen people who were given the beautiful name People of God; and finally, in being universalized it became something even more beautiful, the Kingdom of God, the Catholic Church which is for all people.  This is always the work of the Eternal, the progression from the less perfect to the more perfect, from the particular to the general.