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November 8-18, 2023 Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Roy will be leading another pilgrimage to the Holy Land November 8-18, 2023. It  is now open for registration.

Roy's pilgrimages are distinctive in that they highlight the Jewish roots of the Catholic Church, and all aspects of the pilgrimage are designed to maximize prayer:

  • Our Priests (of course we always have one along) are carefully chosen by Roy for their recollection and piety.

  • Whenever possible our accommodations are in Catholic pilgrimage houses, not secular hotels, and are within walking distance of major shrines.

  • The groups are kept very small. The November 2024 trip will be limited to a maximum of 30 pilgrims. Usually pilgrimage groups to the Holy Land are at least 50, and can be 200 or more. The small group results in a more prayerful and intimate atmosphere and greater access to the holy places.

  • The November 2023 pilgrimage is being administered by Tekton Ministries. Click here to connect to them for full information, pricing, dates, registration materials, etc.  Also please feel free to email Roy with any questions, or to be put on an email list to be informed of all future pilgrimages (typically, one or two a year).