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Jewish-Catholic Sites and Organizations

  • The Association of Hebrew Catholics (AHC) defines its mission as "working to preserve the identity and heritage of Catholics of Jewish origin within the Church, to enable them to serve the Lord, His Church, and all people within the mystery of their irrevocable calling."

  • Catholics for Israel is a Catholic organization dedicated to expressing a biblical appreciation and love for the land and people of Israel and encouraging a reflection on the continued role of Israel in God's plan of salvation.  It is dedicated to supporting the legitimate aims of the State of Israel and counteracting a tendency towards any contrary bias in the Church.  One reason this is important is that any such anti-Israel bias presents a severe impediment when Israeli Jews wish to enter the Church!
  • Torah's Light Ministries is another lay apostolate started by a Jewish entrant into the Catholic Church, from the Hasidic tradition. Their motto is "Exalting Jesus by Sharing the Jewish Roots of Christianity", and their mission is (1)To see all Christians growing in faith in and realtionship with Jesus Christ our Lord through an awareness of the Jewish hertitage of Christianity, and (2) To see the Children of Israel come to a knowledge and acceptance of Jesus as Messiah.

  • Remnant of Israel 's mission is to teach Jews and Christians about the Jewish roots of the Catholic Faith. Remnant of Israel works with the Church to promote reconciliation between Jews and Catholics by focusing primarily on the unity of the Divine Revelation to the People of God in Sacred Scripture. 

  • Second Exodus is an apostolate associated with Marty Barrack's book of the same name, committed to illuminating the Jewish origins of the Catholic Church.

Support Materials

  • The tape series by Rosalind Moss (a prominent Jewish Catholic apologist/evangelist)  available from amazon.com is a beautiful and valuable witness testimony/apologetic for Jews interested in the Catholic Church.  Her witness testimony is also around for free on the internet; try searching for her name on the EWTN website.

To contact the author

Whether for general comments or correspondence (always welcome!), or to arrange for Roy to speak to your group or parish, please email him as described on the email page.

Roy is also a member of the Catholic Speakers Organization, CMG Booking, through which Roy can also be booked to speak.

Eugenics / Planned Parenthood / Nazi  connection

  • Blessed are the Barren: The Social Policy of Planned Parenthood,  Robert Marshall, Ignatius 1991, (out of print, try a library, or www.bookfinder.com for a used copy)

Contemporary Arab Anti-Semitism

From Time Immemorial, by Joan Peters.  This is an excellent history, extensively documented, of the origins of the conflict between the Arabs and the Jews in the mid-East.

  •  Israeli National News is a website which primarily covers current Israel news, from a conservative, pro-Zionist perspective, but also monitors the Arab Press and presents a selection of current news and editorial pieces from it on a daily basis.

  • The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) website explores the Middle East through the region's media. MEMRI bridges the language gap which exists between the West and the Middle East, providing timely translations of Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew media, as well as original analysis of political, ideological, intellectual, social, cultural, and religious trends in the Middle East. The website also maintains extensive archives.

Arab / Nazi Connection

Two good summaries of the activities of Grand Mufti of Jerusalem al-Husseini on the web::

Extensive photographic documentation of the activities of the wartime Grand Mufti of Jerusalem in particular, and of the Muslim Nazi Hanjar troops in general, exists in archives around the world.  Copyright restrictions prohibited their reproduction in the book, but they can be seen at:

  • The Simon Wiesenthal Center  has photographs of the Grand Mufti with Moslem SS units, other photos of Bosnian Moslem Nazi soldiers including one in which they are studying an anti-Semitic tract, and an unforgettable photo of a field full of Moslem Nazi troops prostrate in prayer. 
  • The "Svijet" (Serbian Newsweekly)  site has numerous photographs documenting activities of Bosnian Moslem Nazi troops during the war, including a touching one of a Bosnian Muslim Nazi soldier lovingly putting up a "pin-up" photo of the Grand Mufti Husseini in his quarters. Unfortunately, the site in general is offensive and unreliable in its biased polemics around the Serbian-Muslim conflict in the former Yugoslavia.

Homosexuality / Nazi connection

                            Swastika  The Pink Swastika, by Scott Lively and Ken Abrams.

This book is an invaluable resource on the intimate links between the homosexual movement and Nazism.


This book is currently available for free as a download (as pdf file) from Scott Lively's website; click here or go to the page https://www.scottlively.net/scott-lively-books/the-pink-swastika/ .  Not surprisingly, amazon.com has "disappeared" the book so it is no longer available in print (as far as I know).

The Relation between Judaism and Catholicism

    Nash Book Worthy is the Lamb, by Thomas Nash, in a style reminiscent of Scott Hahn, explores the deep relationship between the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and its Jewish prefigurements. (Ignatius Press)

Notable Jewish Converts in the book

  • book"Before the Dawn", the autobiography of Former Chief Rabbi of Rome Israel Zolli (published by Ignatius Press)

  • Charlie
"Friends of Charlie Rich" website -- information on Charlie Rich, and also some few free ebooks of his writings as well as books by/about him for sale.