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14-Part Television Series

Roy was invited to do a 14-part television series for a Catholic cable network, in which he discussed "Salvation is from the Jews" chapter by chapter with a host interviewer.  This provided the opportunity to go into the themes of the book in some depth, in a very easily accessible format.  Highly recommended ! Each episode runs about 25 minutes.  The episodes and what they cover are below.  (Chapter numbers refer to chapters in the books.)

        1. Introduction to Series / Roy's Conversion
        2. �The Jews and the Coming of the Messiah� (Preface and Chapter 1)
        3. �How Well did the Jews do?� (Chapter 2)
        4. �Jew, Gentile, and Church" (Chapter 3)
        5. �The Messianic Idea in Judaism� (Chapter 4)
        6. �The Messianic Idea in Judaism� (Chapter 4 cont. )
        7. �Judaism and the Holocaust� (Chapter 5)
        8. �The Ideological Foundations of Nazism�(Chapter 6)
        9. �The Ideological Foundations of Nazism� (Chapter 6 cont. )
        10. �The Ideological Foundations of Nazism� (Chapter 6 cont. even more)
        11. �Anti-Semitism after the Holocaust� (Chapter 7)
        12. �The Jews and the Second Coming� (Chapter 8 )
        13. �The Return of the Jews� (Chapter 9)
        14. �The Return of the Jews� (Chapter 9 cont. )

Click on any talk and it will take you to a youtube page for viewing.

The list of questions given to the interviewer for each show and each chapter is available here.  It serves as summary of what is covered in each show, or as a good study guide for either the TV series or the book itself. the s are also available for this series.  

These talks are also available on a 2 DVD set -- click here for ordering information: